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Anastasiya, 19 y/o   Kandy, 31 y/o   Kristina, 21 y/o
Nastya, 24 y/o   Anna, 31 y/o   Natalya, y/o
Tatyana, 21 y/o   Irina, 29 y/o   Marina, 30 y/o
Tatyana, 28 y/o   Irina, 32 y/o   Alina, 25 y/o

Nikolayev’s ladies whose beauty is considered to be acknowledged most often doesn’t correspond to a standard image of beauty. Look at these photos – they must have some special, memorable features. A full coincidence with canons of beauty is a rarity. A secret of our girls is in their knowing how to present themselves.
Girls from Nikolayev don’t try to correspond to a certain ideal of attractiveness. Their aim is to be themselves and be queens in this quality. Men like various women: some look for a friend like his mother, some want their partners make the others envy, some dream that a woman should understand them etc. That’s why they don’t worry: no matter if she’s a chubby or slim one, tall or short one, with big breasts or with small ones – all of them find their admirers. They just try to emphasize their strong points.
A art of seduction is delicate and complicated, and it demands from Nikolayev ladies a constant balancing between being emancipated and vulgar, between being cunning and bitchy, between weakness and delicacy, between sexuality and being vulgar. Ukrainian women know for sure that appearance only isn’t enough to seduce a man. No matter how trite it may sound, but a man needs inner beauty, attractiveness, knowing how to attract men’s attention to herself. However, you shouldn’t mix seduction and defilement. It’s very easy to defile a man, but to seduce him, make him think about you, dream of you, strive for you is much more complicated. And Nikolayev ladies have this art at their fingertips, and our photo album is the best proof for that.