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Juliya 25 y/o   Sofiya 24y/o   Valentina, 20 y/o
Vika 26 y/o   Juliya, 33 y/o   Yulya,33 y/o
Nastya, 27 y/o   Valentina, 19 y/o   Olga, 30 y/o
Evgeniya, 26 y/o   Masha, 20 y/o   Juliya, 20 y/o

The first thing that strikes an eye of a man who came to Nikolayev is a diversity of women’s images. Blue-eyed blondes, slim chestnuts, bright and even provokingly sexy brunettes flash in front of your eyes all the time in the city’s streets and make your heart beat faster.
One should admit that women and girls from Nikolayev look quite authentically on the background of people from other European cities.
First of all, there is a certain pretension to emphasized sexuality and even aggressiveness. All this is clearly seen in the pictures. However, it can’t be called banality or tastelessness. That’s why Ukrainian women are too beautiful to be vulgar.
Yes, beauties from Nikolayev dress immodestly, brassily, and not always appropriate to the situation they are in. For example, an early going out means a quite simple style, but Ukrainian ladies wear high heels, short skirts, deep decollates, use a bright make-up etc. And if they need to take a good photo for a dating site, the whole woman’s arsenal is used including hairdressers and make-up designers.
However, nature was especially generous and gifted Nikolayev’s women with bright beauty and they still find it vitally important to look 24 hours a day as if a limousine is going to stop now near them and a red rug strip appears at their feet. They are used to a standard model dictated by society: a woman’s happiness depends on how successively she gets married. Women fall on their way in chase of men that are considered to be very rare and valuable in Nikolayev. They try to look brighter, more noticeable, and more attractive. Heels are higher and higher, make-up is brighter.